Fluid, Scalable Yield Generation

Prophet ($PROPHET) is a Fair-Launch & Fluid Yield Generation Token With Dynamic Rewards Rates. Now Featuring A Provably Fair & Automated Weekly Lottery. Learn more…

How does it work?

2% Tax

Prophet charges 2% fee per transaction and redistribute that fee to holders automatically. The amount each holder receives is based on their percentage of holdings.

1% Burn

1% gets sent to the burn address as well. This allows the supply to decrease with more trading volume, introducing more scarcity and buying pressure into the ecosystem.

No-Loss Lottery: Offertory

The Offertory is an innovative, provably fair automated weekly lottery in which you can win large prizes with no risk to your underlying capital. ChainLink technology is used to ensure a provably fair drawing. Learn more...

Adjustable Fees

The transaction fee and rewards are dynamic and adjustable. This means as more and more holders are introduced, the community can vote to increase the fee to sustain the yields. The tax can be increased up to 10% through community proposals.

More technical details are available on our blog.

One of a kind

Just buy, hold and get rewarded. It’s that easy!
Never a reason to not hold a Prophet in your wallet!

100%Liquidity Locked
100%Community Driven
NoPresale or ICO
ProvablyFair Lottery
YouGet Rewarded